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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

George Barris Mustangs Tacky As Sonny And Cher Inspiration

George Barris has been kind of crazy for a long time and we generally think all his stuff is the bees-knees, but these matching "Sonny and Cher" Ford Mustangs are a special kind of awful.\r\nWe get it, the times were weird, everybody was experimenting with things other than music, and free expression was the mark of the day, but stuff like Bobcat fur upholstery is way too much for our tastes. This pair of ''Stangs was pulled from the line and given to Barris to Kustomize in order to cash in on the popularity of the new singing act. From a sheet metal perspective, the cars are basically identically modified. Each gets a twin grille, Frenched Thunderbird tail lights, relocated and flush-mounted door handles, rolled and flared fenders, faux hood scoops and 40 coats of hippy-tastic paint. Each was a 289 car with the automatic transmission, but there the similarities end. Inside, the "Sonny" car has some nasty shag "Bobcat fur," antique leather and funky suede. Cher's car got Ermine fur and Scottish leather upholstery, trimmed in pink suede, oh and a white fur trunk. Gag, times two. The two cars are being sold as a pair with an asking price of... get this... $400,000.00. We could have named this post "Nice Price or Crack Pipe: Columbian Drug Lord Edition.

Thanks to the crew over at Jalopnik for a great post. They have an entire album of high-quality photos of these cars on their site.

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