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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Kustom Photography of George Barris

Here is the info on the newest Barris DVD by the talented guys at The Mad Fabricators Society

Well after a year of working on this DVD I finally have them done and available on DVD Many people don't know George the photographer. He was a HUGE part of documenting our history all over the states and brought it all to the magazines for the world to see. The movie is a journey through 1000's of pictures that George shot for the mags and his own use. These are all mounted on a 14x17 sheet all hand cut out by Shirley Barris and taped onto the sheet. She was a trooper! So Brett approached me a while back and asked if I wanted to team up and put out a DVD so I started going through all the pix and was overwhelmed with all the fantastic pix.. but how do you make this into a movie? So I built a rig that allows me to mount my camera and move it forward and back and I'm able to move the sheet left and right. So once I shot that, we needed Content. So Ana Marco (from that mag) set us up with Larry Watson.. so we had him come to Barris and the two sat and went through all the pix and told stories about a bunch of them. (can be a DVD on its own) After that, we got a hold of Brad Masterson who is renting the space next to George's shop on Atlantic and has it set up with a bunch of old Barris Memorabilia and Pix. George shows us around the shop then we hop into Brads Chopped Chevy and we hit some of the locations the pix were shot at. After that, we meet up with Greg Sharp from the NHRA museum and he gives us even more detail on George the photographer. Along with the pictures that are in the movie, the DVD will have a slide show feature that will have pix in sections Kustoms, Hot Rod, Bikes etc..that you will be a to hit play and just check out the pictures.. on top of that the whole thing is Scored Live by the Dynotones.

The Kustom Photography of George Barris!!! OUT NOW ON DVD!

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